Friday, November 12, 2010

अंग्रेज़ी सीखने के लिये कुछ ज़रूरी बातें....

कृपया अंग्रेज़ी सीखने के लिये यह अध्याय ज़रूर पढ़ें और इन बातों का अधिक से अधिक पालन करें...आप को फायदा ज़रूर होगा. जहाँ भी ज़रूरी समझें कमेंट बक्से में या इंलिश चर्चा ग्रूप में आप पूछ सकते हैं... शुभकामनायें.....

English learning is a self directed process. An illiterate person living in USA can speak in English. How? It is due to the environment that he gets.

What is an environment? Environment means surroundings that a person gets and by which one gets the shape that one acquires. But can it be controlled? Yes, to great extent it can be controlled. But, before that it is essential to understand the types of environment that one gets exposed to. Basically there are two types of environment:
1.      Micro Environment: Micro environment is the kind of environment that one faces for limited time and within limited space. It is easier to control such type of environment. For example environment in the class room can be controlled in the desired manner by the teacher.
2.      Macro Environment: The environment that is faced for the longer period of time and in a wider apace is known as macro environment. Such an environment is difficult to control. For example, when students move out of the class room and goes to the play field it gets difficult for the teacher to control them.
But the question remains there. Is it possible to control the environment? And the answer is, yes it is. As it is already said that controlling micro environment is much easier, since there are lesser number of players involve in the micro environment. For example there are only teachers and students in the class, and there is nobody else to disturb them.  But controlling the macro environment needs effort and understanding:
Controlling the macro environment:
Since there are number of players involved, the responsibility lies with the person concerned to control him. The person carries a micro environment with himself despite the fact that he is moving in the macro environment. Number of micro environment come together to form a macro environment. While a person is moving in a macro environment, there will not be any external force, helping him to control the micro environment that he is carrying with himself or the macro environment that he faces or gets exposed to. Or example a teacher helps students in the class room (micro environment). Therefore the person himself will have to monitor his own self, internally for the desired change.

What is a desired change?
As far as English learning is concerned, the desired change is to be able to speak flawless and fluent English. How this change can be achieved? The answer is by controlling the environment. Because we are not living in English speaking country, therefore, we will have to put our own efforts to control the environment.
Micro environment that we are creating in the class room is only for one hour in a day. But, what about remaining 23 hours? During this time period, we are constantly exposed to other languages and dialects, which directly or indirectly influence our English learning weather we are awake or sleeping (We talk in mother tongue while dreaming.).
But there is nothing to worry about. The macro environment can be controlled by putting in sincere and conscious efforts. And your teacher/facilitator can guide you to do this. To control your environment try the following points:
1.      Do the home work that you get in the class room, sincerely.
2.      Read English news papers, magazines, novels, short stories and articles aloud and give your tongue a practice to turn and twist.
3.      Listen to English programme on radio set and try to repeat the sentences that you find useful.
4.      Watch English programme and movies on television and try to repeat the sentences that you like.
5.      English is being used in Hindi television serials also, observe the situation in which it is spoken, analyze and learn them and try to use them in your day to day life.
6.      Make vocabulary cards; write three words on one face of the card and their meanings on the other face. Keep the card in your pocket or purse. Whenever you get time look at the words and try to memorize them. Change the card, whenever you feel that you have learnt these three words.
7.      Listen to your teacher and try to imitate him/her while speaking English.
8.      Replace Hindi words one by one, by an English word as you learn them. Likewise try to replace the whole sentences in Hindi with English sentences. Initially replace simpler and shorter sentences and then the longer and more complicated sentences. This will give you the much needed confidence. Remember, Rome was not built in a day.
9.      Try to find a person close to your house with whom you can talk with in English.
10.  Speak small sentences using simple words. Small and simple sentences are easier top speak and easier to understand and hence are beautiful. Please do not fall into the trap of fashionable and long words or sentences which nobody can understand.
11.  Make a rule that you have to talk in English irrespective of the persons’ (Person with whom you are talking with) capability to understand it. You can be selfish in this sense.
12.  Do not care for speaking wrong English. Do not worry that some one will laugh at you. Remember 99.99 % people who speak English speak wrongly. The only thing that is wrong in spoken English is not speaking English.
13.  Start thinking in English. Whenever you see any thing, try to recall an English word or sentence for that.
14.  Write articles or diary in English.
15.  Do find a student and teach whatever you have learnt in your English class.
16.  Start talking to yourself in English. Separate yourself from your own self and start talking to your own self in English. For example, if your name is Ravi, say to yourself, when you are hungry, “Yaar, Ravi you are hungry”.
17.  Try to walk, talk laugh, dream, eat, sleep, and do anything but do it only in English.


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